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KISS DIAMONDRegistration steps

Registration steps

Step 1: Log in to "KISS DIAMOND" official website

Login to “KISS DIAMOND” website

After logging into the “KISS DIAMOND” website, you need to create your own KISS DIAMOND account

Click the “New User Registration” button, if you do not have a referrer, please click this link ” ” to register your account.

Step 2: Create your own KISS DIAMOND account

Fill in your mobile number, *mobile number will be the way you log in to your account.

After filling in the mobile phone number, “click on mobile phone authentication” to enter the 6-digit OTP received.

Step 3: Enter your real name (must be the same as your bank account)

The real name is to facilitate future withdrawals and prevent the amount in the account from being transferred to the thief’s account.

Step 4: Enter "Password"

The password must be at least 8 digits long and can be all numbers or a mixture of letters and numbers. (Example: 12348888 or abc12348)

After completing all the above steps, congratulations on creating your own KISS DIAMOND account.